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Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abort commit)

On May 14, 2001, Loren James Rittle <> wrote:

> for i in `basename $1`; do case $i in

basename is not portable.  I suggest `echo "$1" | sed 's,.*/,,'' instead.

>   boehm-gc)
>     echo "WARNING: Patches should be sent to, but it was"
>     echo "WARNING: acceptable to check them in the GCC CVS tree before"
>     echo "WARNING: getting them installed in the master tree."

I heard Hans wanted the GCC CVS tree to become the official repository
of boehm-gc.  I'm not sure this is already official.

> if (exit $message_emitted); then
>   echo "WARNING: See for details."
> fi

I don't think we should prevent commits, but if check-ins can be
aborted at this time with ^C, I suggest telling the user so and giving
him/her like 30 seconds to decide whether to break the convention or

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