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Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

>   Is there anyone willing to work on the release script?  This
>   script builds a tarball from what's in CVS, but also needs to 
>   add generated files not in CVS (e.g., `parse.y').  We need to 
>   test that the generated tarball actually works.  This is a
>   classic release engineering task.  It would be very helpful to
>   me if someone who is skilled in this area would step forward,
>   thereby freeing me up to continue fixing bugs.

Whoever does this may also want to merge it with the snapshot script.  
(Which has a few different requirements - e.g. the generated files go in
releases only, but not snapshots.)  It would be useful if the script has
the capability to produce diffs from more than one previous version -
since e.g. 3.0 ought to have diffs both from 2.95 (of limited value given
their size, but this has been done before - and someone ought to read the
diffs to find omissions from the release notes) and from 3.0-pre2 (or

Also, though I did volunteer some months ago to convert the FOM back to a
static faq.html, given the FOM RCS files, I'd rather if someone else were
to take this on.  The aim is to restore all the original content, with all
useful changes, plus useful new FAQ entries (suitably edited; any long
ones may need copyright checks) and anything else that has been frequently
asked.  An editing pass to clean up obsolete information will then be
needed.  Links to the FOM should then revert back to links to the static

Joseph S. Myers

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