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Re: SPARC, register renaming, __builtin_return_address

>>>>> "Franz" == Franz Sirl <> writes:

    Franz> Hehe, I thought you would argue that way. But if we do the

You are too cagey for me.  I cannot outwit you. :-)

    Franz> But I think that's not worth it, it's easy for the targets
    Franz> to either return 0 if they don't support b_r_a(1) or force
    Franz> a valid stackframe otherwise. The whole purpose of the
    Franz> testcase is to test for uniform behaviour for b_r_a(1).

We then need to make any target that is going to get confused in any
circumstance return NULL.  I don't think most of them do; I think most
try heroically and fail.

I actually think the change you're proposing is the Right Thing, and
more in the spirit of what the documentation means to say.

But then we need to change the documentation to clearly reflect that
this is our goal.

If nobody objects, wait a week, and then submit a patch to change the
documentation.  And start hunting for ports that need to be changed..


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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