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Re: crashes building on Darwin using GCC trunk

Gordon Sadler <> writes:

> On Sat, May 12, 2001 at 07:20:36PM -0400, David Edelsohn wrote:
> > 	The GCC trunk has been broken on PowerPC since the beginning of
> > May.  This has been reported a few times.
> > 
> > 	No one knows who broke it (is Geoff's regression tester testing
> > the gcc-3.0 branch or the trunk?) and no one has stepped up to fix it,
> > although gcc-3.0 release should be everyone's primary focus.
> > 
> I know little of PPC, however it is currently breaking on i386 as well.
> I believe quite a few have noticed, but with primary focus on 3.0, not a
> whole lot of effort is going into the HEAD.

The regression tester successfully bootstrapped the trunk on x86-linux
as of about an hour ago.  The regression tester had (before rth's EH
patch) 0 failures in the C compiler on the trunk when cross-compiling to
powerpc-eabisim, and it will again once I commit the patch I'm testing

Thus, it's likely that the problems you're seeing are AIX-specific
(well, XCOFF-specific); and so probably the people who need to be
stepping up are those with access to AIX and/or Darwin hardware.

I will mention that the regression tester checks out the trunk,
not any branch, on its web page.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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