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Re: GNATS documentation

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> > to be tracked in GNATS (in a separate "bootstrap" category
> This sounds like an excellent idea to me.
> Unless someone objects, I suggest to implement at early next week. I can
> take care of getting this changed on, what else do we need to
> do? The gccbug script? (Do you happen to know that and provide a patch?)

gcc.texi, where it documents GNATS categories.  (Though that duplicate 
documentation ought to go away in favour of copies of bugs.html and 
gnats.html in release tarballs.)

gccbug.  I can do that, but adding to the list of categories there is a 
trivial change.

bugs.html, to indicate when bootstrap bugs should go to the list and when 

gnats.html, to document the new category.

Could you also add target-* categories for the main target architectures?  
E.g. target-alpha, target-hppa, target-i386, target-mips, target-powerpc,
target-sparc, target-arm (to take those mentioned in the release
criteria).  (Re-categorising existing non-closed bugs in "target"  
shouldn't require any actual understanding of the architectures or
checking whether the reports are valid.  It could also provide an
indication of any other targets with enough PRs to be worth their own

Joseph S. Myers

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