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Re: Automake and friends and fastjar

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Klein <> writes:

Mark> Forgive me in advance ... I'm not automake literate.
Mark> In the current 3.0 build, fastjar/jartool.c uses strdup()
Mark> which does not exist on all platforms. I was going to
Mark> submit the patch, but in this case, I'm not sure where to
Mark> begin.

A patch to do this is already in the trunk.
Do we need this on the branch?  My impression was that we did not,
since as far as I know libgcj hasn't been ported to any system that
doesn't have strdup().  fastjar is only needed (and should only be
built) if you are building the java support.

However if we do need it, it is a relatively simple matter to bring
the patch from the trunk to the branch.

Mark> There are two ways to handle this, the easiest is to use
Mark> libiberty.a as a dependent library. The harder is to include
Mark> the HAVE_STRDUP stuff into jartool.c. In either case the
Mark> Makefile.[am|in] need to be modified and this is where I
Mark> don't have experience.

In this case, as there is only one use of strdup(), a different
approach was taken: we just use our own (renamed) strdup()
implementation all the time.


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