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Re: Querry....

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 10:16:27AM +0530, MNShukla wrote:
> I am using arm-linux-gcc compiler tool, obtained from
> .

That's my precompiled arm-linux cross compiler toolchain.

> If I use assembly instruction STRH (write half word in memory), it
> causes kernel-panic only in the address range 0x0203e000 to 0x0203efff
> (4kb size) and And I am able ot use this instruction leaving this
> address-range.

This has nothing to do with the compiler, but everything with the
kernel you're using. I assume that you're using an arm-linux kernel, so
arm-linux-kernel is the most apropriate mailing list to use (see for more

If you post to that mailing list, make sure that you:
- read and understand the file REPORTING-BUGS in the linux kernel
  source tree
- upgrade to the latest known to be stable kernel for your platform


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