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Re: Still hard, was: g77 Build Problems

>At 8:23 PM +0200 5/7/01, Martin Costabel wrote:
>>Here is the next one after the one you mentioned:
>In other words I don't have a prayer unless I play games with 
>optimization levels.  OK, I'm trying -O0 as I write.  Thanks.

Ok, I did
setenv CFLAGS -O0
setenv BOOT_CFLAGS -g
../gcc/configure --enable-languages="c f77"
limit stack 800
make all-libiberty
make bootstrap
make check

The bootstrap target appeared to pass the stage2/3 compare properly. 
The check target appeared to do nothing useful?  I did 
download/install dejagnu 1.4.  Tcl is already there.

The problem I have now is that there is no f77 compiler there.  There 
are no files in the object tree with either a '7' or a '2c' in their 
names at all.

I also did a make install and no f77 or g77 executable is installed. 
A gcc of a fortran hello world program said
[localhost:~] hotz% gcc test.f
gcc: test.f: Fortran compiler not installed on this system
gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `#Fortrancollect2': No such 
file or directory

I guess that's pretty conclusive.  Now is there some quoting 
convention for the enable-languages configure option that I need to 
figure out?  Reinspecting the configure docs on the web site I see 
they are using commas instead of spaces to separate languages.  Not 
what I remember seeing, but worth a try if nobody tells me 

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