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GCC IA-64 Summit

                          GCC for IA-64 Summit
                              June 6, 2001
                        Cupertino, California USA

The GCC for IA-64 Summit will bring together contributors of IA-64
support in GCC, technical people interested in improving IA-64 support
in GCC, and developers of other IA-64 compilers.

Participants will discuss what IA-64 support has been incorporated into
GCC and what additional support is currently planned or in progress.
We'll learn from developers of other IA-64 compilers who can provide
insights into what kinds of architecuture support are most important.
We'll identify what functionality is possible within the current GCC
infrastructure and hear from experienced GCC developers who are looking
into long-term infrastructure changes in GCC that will enable better
support for IA-64 and other architectures.

We expect participants from Hewlett Packard, IBM, Red Hat, and Intel,
and welcome anyone who has worked on or expects to work on IA-64 support
in GCC or can provide support to that effort.  Notes from the summit
will be made public, with a URL sent to the gcc mailing list.

The summit will be hosted by Hewlett Packard at their facility in
Cupertino.  Space is limited, so register early by contacting Reva

Tentative Agenda for GCC IA-64 Summit
June 6, 2001
Cupertino, California

10:00  Introductions

10:15  Short report from each team about their goals, what they hope to
       accomplish, what they've done so far, where they could use help

11:00  Brief reports from individuals who have been working on GCC,
       focusing on its shortcomings for IA-64 support and what work is
       feasible within the current infrastructure

12:00  Lunch

1:00   Report from GCC developers who are looking into long-term
       infrastructure changes for GCC

2:00   Brief reports from developers of other IA-64 compilers, including
       information they can share about what compiler support they found
       to be most important for improving the performance of various
       kinds of software

3:00   Break

3:15   Discussion of what work should be done to GCC in the short term,
       what should wait to take advantage of changes to the underlying
       technology, how to communicate openly about these efforts

4:45   Summarize any decisions that were made

5:00   Adjourn

Janis Johnson                       Reva Cuthbertson
IBM Linux Technology Center         Hewlett Packard          

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