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Re: gcc & g4 processor?

adam morley wrote:
> so i was looking @ apples website, specifically what compiler they include with the now shipping Mac OS X.  its gcc 2.95.2.  it has a special option -faltivec to compile with altivec enhancements.
> is this included in regular download of gcc from one of the mirrors?  ie, can i put it on linux ppc, openbsd, whatever, compile it and get that action?

Go to, register yourself, and download from there;
they have GCC and binutils that handle AltiVec and also run on LinuxPPC
etc.  The same code is in LinuxPPC distros.  All are based on the same
set of Motorola-written patches that Apple's shipping compiler uses.

Much of this code is useless for 3.x however, because of all the
internal changes.  Sam Figueroa has been making good progress on
rewriting things, and we're still pursuing the copyright assignment
angle in the hopes that we won't have to rewrite absolutely
everything from scratch.  But Apple is committed to contributing
full AltiVec support to FSF GCC, one way or another.


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