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Re: Common Language Runtime

> How could there be such a thing as an ECMA instruction set?  Maybe a
> system in accordance with Microsoft's submission of CLR to ECMA.  They
> claim they have someone working on supporting this on linux, and they
> will use all their muscle to prevent it from going free software, not
> that many free software advocates would touch it with a 10 foot pole.

I have not yet read any report that claims that they are working on
such a beast.  It seems like all the miss-information comes from the
fact that they announced that parts of .NET would run on Linux.
These parts were later unveiled to be just the on-the-server side
pieces of Hailstorm, which is not the CLR.

> Besides, various types of free software licenses require distribution of
> source code, whihc is far more useful than a CLR executable.

A CLR executable would be interesting because people on the Windows
platform could use the GCC compilers to generate their CLR-compatible
code (which is what most new stuff will be developed against). 


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