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Re: Cray T3E port

On Sun, 6 May 2001, Roman Lechtchinsky wrote:
>   - Could someone please send me the copyright papers. What kind of
>     disclaimer is needed from my employer?

I handled this by private mail.

>   - Which CVS branch should I use?

The main branch.

>   - I hope I haven't broken any other Alpha-based targets but I can't test
>     that since I don't have access to other Alpha machines. Maybe someone
>     could test that before I submit the patches?

That would make sense, though you could submit the patches and then ask
people to test.

>   - How much functionality do I have to implement before the patch can be
>     accepted? I've done only the C part but left out stuff like nested
>     functions. I didn't touch any other languages (not even C++). The
>     compiler bootstraps and the testsuite results are quite encouraging.
>     Is that enough?

I guess so.

>   - I can set up our T3E to run the tests once a week. Is that helpful and
>     how do I go about it?

Yes, that's definitely helpful. You could, for example, use the script
from the contrib subdirectory in the GCC CVS tree.

Gerald "Jerry"

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