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Re: gcc & g4 processor?

>>>>> adam morley writes:

adam> so i was looking @ apples website, specifically what compiler they
include with the now shipping Mac OS X.  its gcc 2.95.2.  it has a special
option -faltivec to compile with altivec enhancements. 
adam> is this included in regular download of gcc from one of the mirrors?
ie, can i put it on linux ppc, openbsd, whatever, compile it and get that

	Motorola has not assigned the changes to the FSF, so they cannot
be included in the FSF sources.  In the interim, the GCC infrastructure
for supporting SIMD instructions has been improved by an Intel contract
with Red Hat to support MMX/SSE instructions.  Apple has stated that it is
investigating rewriting the AltiVec support from scratch without any
Motorola IP using the new GCC SIMD infrastructure.

adam> plus, how good is PPC optimization under gcc?

	Good, not great.  It depends a lot on the type of algorithm.
Informal performance comparisons seem to show that GCC is anywhere from
30% worse to 5% better than IBM's Visual Age compiler on specific


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