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Re: C++ Issue on GCC 3.0 branch

  In message <>you write:
  > > The whole purpose of the change is to not get false hits when collect2
  > > search for ctors/dtors which lead to undefined symbols.
  > > 
  > > I'd rather not remove "-p" just because hpux's nm core dumps with the opt
  > ion
  > > unless having the option gives us no benefit.  I'm not likely revert the
  > > truncation of section names, even if we remove -p.  Once bitten, twice sh
  > y.
  > The patch was to remove " -n", not "-p" from NM_FLAGS.  HP nm doesn't dump
  > core on objects with long subspace names when "-p" is used. 
I know that, but that's not a good reason to re-enable long subspace names.

  > This is the change to the subspace output.  It fixes various missing
  > global names.  I don't fully understand the problem but I did see that
  > the missing constructors in the shared library had truncated names.
  > I use GNU nm rather than HP nm for my builds.  Thus, there is no possibilty
  > for false hits.
I strongly think you're barking up the wrong tree in regards to the truncated 
names for ctors.    I'm not seeing this problem at all.

  > 2001-04-22  John David Anglin  <>
  > 	* som.h: Don't truncate subspace names.
This patch is not OK.  Please do not install it.

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