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Re: Common Language Runtime

I don't think Microsoft's muscle is going to be a problem.  I doubt that gcc
would target the entire CLR as that it provides an abstract interface to
operating system type calls (io, security, etc), internet downloading, etc.

If Microsoft does create a CLR implementation on unix, sure they would
charge for it.  However, there is no need to touch their implementation with
a 10 foot pole.  However, I think instead, an effor should be focused on:
    - within GCC building executables which are entirely CLR unmanaged code.
    - build a just in time (or on install) compiler for target machines.

Both these could easily be open sourced, and neither extremely difficult.

Doug Ransom
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From: "Tim Prince" <>
To: "Doug Ransom" <>; <>
Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2001 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: Common Language Runtime

> How could there be such a thing as an ECMA instruction set?  Maybe a
> system in accordance with Microsoft's submission of CLR to ECMA.  They
> claim they have someone working on supporting this on linux, and they
> will use all their muscle to prevent it from going free software, not
> that many free software advocates would touch it with a 10 foot pole.
> Besides, various types of free software licenses require distribution of
> source code, whihc is far more useful than a CLR executable.
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> From: "Doug Ransom" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2001 5:06 PM
> Subject: Common Language Runtime
> >
> > Is there any interest in supporting the ECMA instruction set?
> >
> >
> > I think it would be real cool to build  ECMA executables, even if the
> other
> > aspect of the common language runtim (aka Microsoft Commone Language
> > runtime).  gcc produced executables would target gnu/linux interfaces
> as
> > normal rathar than the Microsoft Common Langauge Runtime), and some
> sort of
> > jit would be required.  This would really simplify the distribution of
> > binaries.
> >
> > On my computer I would only need to install the jit in native code.
> Other
> > gnu binaries could be retrieved in ecma format.
> >
> > I don't think MS would be too pleased with the application, but it
> would be
> > cool.

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