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Re: Cray T3E port

On Sun, 6 May 2001, Roman Lechtchinsky wrote:

>   - make check fails miserably because it throws away only the first 16
>     bytes of the object files whereas the T3E uses something like 88 byte
>     headers where it stores the compilation date among other things. Is
>     there any workaround for this?

Write autoconf tests for how much of a header needs to be thrown away to
compare object files (including detecting any systems where removing some
fixed length of header isn't enough).  While you're about it, arrange for
the standard bootstrap/compare process to use the features only currently
used by "make gnucompare" in the gcc directory - that is, to use cmp
--ignore-initial=whatever if the installed cmp supports --ignore-initial.

(Other cmp implementations than GNU cmp may also support the same feature
with different syntax.  For example. man cmp on Solaris 8 says

     cmp [ -l ]  [ -s ]  file1  file2  [ skip1 ]  [ skip2 ]
                                                        skip1 and
     skip2 are initial byte offsets into file1 and file2  respec-
     tively,  and  may  be  either  octal or decimal; a leading 0
     denotes octal.

This could be autoconf-detected, as well.)

Joseph S. Myers

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