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Cray T3E port


I hope to finish a first version of the Cray T3E port soon. What are the
requirements for integrating it into the GCC source tree? In particular,

  - Could someone please send me the copyright papers. What kind of
    disclaimer is needed from my employer? In particular, does it have to
    be in English?
  - Which CVS branch should I use?
  - GCC's config.guess says alpha-cray-unicosmk* while the master copy at has alphaev5-cray-unicosmk* as it
    should be. When will those two be merged?
  - I hope I haven't broken any other Alpha-based targets but I can't test
    that since I don't have access to other Alpha machines. Maybe someone
    could test that before I submit the patches?
  - How much functionality do I have to implement before the patch can be
    accepted? I've done only the C part but left out stuff like nested
    functions. I didn't touch any other languages (not even C++). The
    compiler bootstraps and the testsuite results are quite encouraging.
    Is that enough? I hope to add the missing parts in the future.
  - I can set up our T3E to run the tests once a week. Is that helpful and
    how do I go about it?
  - make check fails miserably because it throws away only the first 16
    bytes of the object files whereas the T3E uses something like 88 byte
    headers where it stores the compilation date among other things. Is
    there any workaround for this?



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