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GNATS - I give up

I can't get GNATS to work.  It looks like my client sends a "QFMT"
command that the server doesn't grok.  What can I do to remedy this?
Emacs fails too - possibly for the same reason as below, but with the
error message

"Wrong type argument: stringp, *gnats-query*"

It is frustrating having to resort to the web interface all the time.

Incidentally, a range of PRs around 2386 only half-exist - trying to
view them says "Error - no PR matched" which looks like database
corruption, as they do appear on web queries.


monkey:neil{13}$ query-pr --port=1529 --user=neil --passwd=xxxx --database=gcc -D 78
opening connection to
query-pr: received 200 ` GNATS server 3.113 ready.'
query-pr: writing `CHDB gcc'
query-pr: received 210 `Now accessing GNATS database '/sourceware/gnats/gcc-db''
query-pr: writing `USER neil xxxxx'
query-pr: received 210 `User access level set to edit'
query-pr: writing `QFMT standard'
query-pr: received 500 `Unrecognized command.'
query-pr: cannot understand 500 `Unrecognized command.'
query-pr: writing `QUIT'

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