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Re: How to handle linker options beginning with -f?

"Joseph S. Myers" wrote:
> On Fri, 4 May 2001, Stan Shebs wrote:
> > Among the weird options supported by the NeXT/Darwin GCC for the
> > benefit of the linker (which is open source but not related to GNU ld)
> > are -framework and -filelist.  Of course, these are problematic for
> > gcc.c, which has its own ideas about what to do with -f* options.
> How much work would it be to change all places that pass these options to
> the GCC driver to use -Wl,-framework,...?

Well, -framework has been an option in NeXT's GCC since the mid-1990s,
a little over a month ago Apple just sent out about 300K CDs with GCCs
that take -framework, more are streaming out the door every day, and
people porting to Mac OS X are all adding them to their makefiles, since
-framework is the documented way for developers to get to all the
different APIs.  So it would be pretty hard to change at this point.

> In general, I think that's a
> better approach for strange linker options than teaching GCC about them.

I agree, but it's a little late for that now.  If no compromise is
possible, then I won't bother trying to add these options into FSF GCC,
and people can just get the fully functional compiler from Apple as
they do now.


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