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Re: C++ PATCH: Fix -O3

> OK.  I'd rather you spend your cycles on the DWARF2 problem I posted a
> few hours back ago, if you've got the time.
Yeah, i've got time, i was just about to look at it.

Doesn't the SGI assembler or linker on mips actually touch dwarf2 stuff?
Particularly the linker?
I could have sworn it did.
Or were you using gas/ld?

I actually use all the MIPS_DEBUGGING_INFO stuff on other platforms now,
except the ones that are hacks for the mips debugger (IE the array bounds
stuff). This means that I get the debug_frame info section on all
platforms, the DW_AT_mips_fde extension, etc.

I can't reproduce gdb not being able to match the line info with the
function on any of them, and the dwarf2 looks almost exactly the same,
adjusted for architecture differences.

That's why i'm curious  about which assembler and linker you are using.
If it's gas and gnuld, then it's got to be one of the few small
differences there *are*, which shouldn't take too long to track down.

If it's not, it's quite possible we are confusing SGI's dwarf2
optimizations in the assembler and linker (I would imagine it's more
linker than anything else, but you never kow).
> Thanks,
> --
> Mark Mitchell         
> CodeSourcery, LLC     

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