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Re: (f)lex & poisoned malloc / free in system.h

 >         Since (f)lex generates malloc / free in its autogenerated
 > code, and since mostly generated lexers include the parser's generated
 > header, which in turn includes the YYSTYPE union, which in turn will
 > inevitably require headers that require system.h - how can one use
 > (f)lex to generate a lexer for a gcc language frontend in gcc 3 ?
 >         Of course, I'm lead to believe that only the slow of thinking
 > like to use generated lexers - and this seems to be born out by a lack
 > of .l's lying in the gcc source tree.
 >         Naturaly I'm almost certainly missing a trivial, portable way
 > to override the autogenerated malloc / free, but I can't find one
 > lurking in the man pages.
 >         Any thoughts ?
 >                 Michael Meeks.

I don't know how to override the use of malloc in (f)lex, so if you
find one let me know.  Barring that if flex defines some magic macro
(FLEX_SCANNER?) then we could bypass the poison in system.h when it
sees that defined.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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