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Re: Too hard, was: g77 Build Problems

"Henry B. Hotz" wrote:
> What I've got so far is:  I've got to retrieve the bleeding-edge
> version of gcc (OK).  Then I've got to apply a patch to
> I-might-be-able-to-figure-it-out package to build a new version of
> 'as' (also OK).  I then have to install it in place of the working
> (presumably) MacOS X one so my standard MacOS X development tools
> won't work any more.

It's a backward-compatible change, there's no problem with installing
it.  I've been using it as my default assembler for some time with no
problems, and the patch is already in the pipeline to appear in a
future OS X rev.

> Isn't there a way to get the version of gcc that Darwin/MacOS X
> started with and patch *it* so we get a working g77 that doesn't
> conflict with all the Carbon/Cocoa stuff that's supposed to be so
> great in MacOS X?  NetBSD maintains their own version of gcc
> (including g77 and friends).  I don't see why Darwin can't do the
> same if it's too hard to merge the OS support in.

This is certainly an option, and supposedly someone has gotten
it to work, although I haven't tried it myself.  The OS support
is going into FSF GCC at a pretty good pace I think, interrupted
by me tearing my hair out over how to handle bizarre options for
the linker :-) , so it should all be there eventually.

> Am I on the right list?  I'm really asking about g77 on MacOS X, not
> g77 on Darwin.

Since Darwin is the OS X core, yes, this is the right place.

> I hope it's clear I'm just frustrated.  I'm not blaming anyone for
> doing the wrong thing.  It just looks like MacOS X is a lot farther
> from living up to it's promise than I expected.

To be honest, g77 on OS X didn't get much visibility until a few
months ago - we were pretty focussed on supporting the several
hundred engineers working on OS X 1.0.  Now that the basic system
has shipped, we can go back and take care of loose ends, such as
remerging with FSF GCC, getting the other GCC languages working,
and so forth.

One thing that might help you is if someone with a working 3.x GCC
build would put it up for ftp somewhere convenient.  After all, part
of the point of doing open source is so that the various tasks can
be distributed around.  (Hopefully this comment won't be quoted as
more evidence that Apple is the "black hole" of open source! :-) )


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