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Too hard, was: g77 Build Problems

Thanks to Stan for his pointer to the as patch.

Isn't there an easier way to do this?

What I've got so far is:  I've got to retrieve the bleeding-edge 
version of gcc (OK).  Then I've got to apply a patch to 
I-might-be-able-to-figure-it-out package to build a new version of 
'as' (also OK).  I then have to install it in place of the working 
(presumably) MacOS X one so my standard MacOS X development tools 
won't work any more.

This is not what I signed up for, guys, sorry.

Isn't there a way to get the version of gcc that Darwin/MacOS X 
started with and patch *it* so we get a working g77 that doesn't 
conflict with all the Carbon/Cocoa stuff that's supposed to be so 
great in MacOS X?  NetBSD maintains their own version of gcc 
(including g77 and friends).  I don't see why Darwin can't do the 
same if it's too hard to merge the OS support in.

Alternatively, isn't there a way to build an as that lives in 
/usr/local with g77, but doesn't replace the standard one?

I'd really like to have a working fortran compiler based on the 
standard MacOS X stuff.  Failing that I can live with two development 
environments:  one for g77 and another for the MacOS X user interface 
stuff.  If I have to give up the latter for the former, maybe I'm 
running the wrong OS to begin with?

Am I on the right list?  I'm really asking about g77 on MacOS X, not 
g77 on Darwin.

I hope it's clear I'm just frustrated.  I'm not blaming anyone for 
doing the wrong thing.  It just looks like MacOS X is a lot farther 
from living up to it's promise than I expected.

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