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Re: [PATCH] rs6000.c ELF bits inclusion

>>>>> "David O'Brien" writes:

David> This patch allows me to do what I need.  Are you OK with it, or is there
David> another way you would like to see the problem solved?  I really do not
David> want to include config/svr4.h.

	I do not believe that it is productive for FreeBSD to have its
own, slightly different ABI.  FreeBSD likely will discourage more
potential users by being slightly incompatible than it gains for any
perceived improvement over the standard.  This design argument does not
seem to be effective with you.

	"... allows me to do what I need" is not a very compelling
argument that a patch is correct or should be approved, IMHO.  From my
perspective, it seems that you expediently want to solve the symptom of
your problem and not your problem.

	Because this patch is small and localized and this discussion no
longer seems to be productive, I am not going to object to the rs6000.c
change.  I suspect that you will have to return to this issue again (and
again) and eventually will need to solve it correctly.  Someone else with
authority for config/elfos.h needs to approve that part of the change.


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