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Re: Major revision of CPP manual - draft available for comment

Zack Weinberg wrote:-

> I'm revising the CPP manual for GCC 3.0.  I've put a draft of the
> revision up at <>.
> I would appreciate any comments.  I'm particularly interested in
> advice on the overall organization and treatment; in things you feel I
> have left out, or ought not to have included; and in discussion of the
> macro section, which is mostly unchanged - I haven't been having much
> luck figuring out what to do with it.

Hi Zack,

Some things I noticed:

1.1.2: You mention horizontal whitespace is discarded at the end of a
line.  I found this a little confusing, but I can see where you're
coming from, once I'd read 1.1.4.  However, it's not entirely right,
either.  When you mention it again in 1.4, you say it throws away
space at the end of each line of a multi-line string literal - this is
not true (I think).  It throws away the space only if it forms a
backslash-space-newline sequence, which is the general rule I think
you should be referring to.

1.1.4: "There is no way to escape the closing quote or angle bracket."
You might want to refer, as an aside, to your "Computed includes"
section, where you do provide an indirect way to do this.

2.7: "[some of ]those triggered by '-pedantic' and -'Wtraditional'".
Otherwise, I can see people expecting all such warnings to be
eliminated, which is not the case.

It looks like a real improvement, thanks!


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