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redirecting g77 compiler output to file, under DOS

I'm using the 
         DOS / Windows version of the 
         g77 Fortran Compiler
on my PC under DOS. I would like to re-direct the compiler
output (e.g. all messages about syntaxt errors in my source
code etc.) into a file, instead of having it sent to the screen.

How can I do this under DOS ?
Is there a g77 compiler option which will send 
all compiler error messages to a file ?

1) The g77 compiler error output for my source code
is very long (many pages) and therefore, I cannot read
it all when it is sent to the screen. That's why I want to
send it to a file.

2) Under UNIX, I would use ">&" for error re-direction:
      g77   abc.f   >&  abc.err
which would send all error output to file "abc.err". 
Under DOS, this construction doesn't work. I'm also
not aware of any other "standard" DOS construction
for re-direction of errors into a file.

Thanks for your help !

Heinz-Bernd Schuttler
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Georgia
Athens, Georgia 30602, USA
Ph.706-542-2485, FAX 706-542-2492

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