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--enable-shared and libiberty.a

-ansi vs. V3

-fcse-follow-jumps and -fcse-skip-blocks and GCSE


-V<version> and libstdc++

2.95.3 status

2.95.3test4 bootstrap fails on hpux11-hppa2.0w

3.0 Branch

3.0 Branch Remains Broken

3.0 Changes in ASM

? Can't you-know-what

Re: [8603-003] ACT#999 - GCC 3.0 / GNAT 5.00w for NT

[C++] deprecate overload resolution extension?

[C++] float, double & complex template non-type parms

Re: [C++] float, double & complex template non-type parms [OT]

[Fwd: list of installed files]

[new-regalloc] Dataflow too slow...

Re: [new-regalloc] What is the status on current sources

Re: [PATCH] variable size arrays in nested functions

[Q] Configure: Choosing as on Solaris, --with-gnu-as, and --with-as

Re: [Q] Configure: Choosing as on Solaris, --with-gnu-as, and--with-as

[Q]: gcc-2.95.2 building

Re: [RFC] New intermediate languages

[ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE: preprocessor/2074: cpp doesn't emit builtin macros with -E/-save-temps]

__cplusplus revisited

about .mdebug

about reginfo


AIX and broken collect2

AIX exception-handling vs. builtin_return_address

AIX Status

Re: AIX status?

AIX troubles

AIX vtable issues

Another unrelated SSE patch

Are there any useful/basic classes provided by gcc ?

Arg pointer and SSE code

ASCII without ANSI

binutils is released.

binutils is released.

Binutils is released

bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4

Re: Bootstrap status of 2.95.3test2 and 3.0 on many host types

Both branches are broken

The branch 3.0

breakage on the 3.0 branch.

broken link

Bug during installation!

Bug in cse_insn() and emit_libcall_block()

Bug in gcc CVS HEAD from a few days ago with alloca and stack alignment

Re: Bug in gcc CVS HEAD from a few days ago with alloca and stackalignment

Bug in preprocessor which be integrated with C++ frontend

build gcc on unixware7 and sco505

build machinery TODO (was: Testsuite and Fortran)

build/install failure with -jN, N > 1, and nonexistent $(prefix)

build_type_variant() and the restrict type qualifier

Building g++ 3.0 under AIX

c++ dynamic typecasts... (just nosy)

C++ preprocessor bug or not ?

c++ programs want compile with glibc 2.2.1

C++ vs. AIX -ansi

C++ with gcc 3.0 branch

can't build gcc-2.95.2 on SCO OSR 5.0.5

Changes for the GCC 3.0 branch


Code base to start a port


Compilation of gcc-20010205

compile thread program using gcc-2.95.2 on UnixWare7.1.1

compiling multiple source files at once

A completely different approach to EH runtime

Copyright assignment form

Copyright forms

Cross compilation (fwd)

Cross-compiling from GNU/Linux to AIX

The current shared libgcc won't work for Linux.

CVS1902 preprocessor problem on Linux/ia64

Re: Debugging help; how to debug something wrong in the rtl with

Debugging help; how to debug something wrong in the rtl withoptimisation

Debugging of clones

DejaGnu 1.4 release

Re: Deprecated features

Deprecating GCC extensions...

Difference between struct and class in internal tree

documentation blur

Documentation: Is One-Large-HTML page Manual Available?

Does anyone have 2.95.2 running on NetBSD for PowerPC?

DOS compatibility problem

Drop VMS?

efficient memory access from assembly

Re: egcs/gcc new-regalloc.c ChangeLog.RA

ELF Format


Extra constructor debug info

failure of the UDK compiler to bootstrap

A few SPEC95 results for the new register allocator

float to uint conv. requires quad precision fp on sparc 64 ?

The fourth test release of gcc-2.95.3 is available


g++ compile-time regression

g++ on solaris

g++, this, more_specialized(), and fn_type_unification()


GCC 3.0 - alpha-dec-osf5.0 - proposed patch

GCC 3.0 Branch

GCC 3.0 Branch: Guidelines

GCC 3.0 Bugs: Call for Volunteers

GCC 3.0 Status

GCC and Visual C++

gcc error messages

GCC Needs a backend cleanup and complete rewrite

gcc problem

gcc problems with HP-UX 10.2

gcc-3.0 regression testing - POOMA

gcc-core- snapshot contains extra stuff

gcc-CVS ia64 compile fix

gcc-ss-20010205 is now available

gcc.dg/special/weak-1.c failure


gcc/resource.c mark_target_live_regs Question

GCC: support of daVinci graph format

gen_* functions in gcc source

Gnat in GCC Again

GNU & Borland Pure Virtual Functions.

GNU/Linux vs. libtool --no-undefined


Grief with Dejagnu; Testing gcc 2.95.3.test4 on SCO OS5.0.4

HELP - Fundamental Question

How can I make ELF library in C++ ?

How can I submit a large testresult?

How exactly does one build libjava successfully?

How to avoid build fastjar?

How to change which assembler GCC uses

How to get positional information of a variable declaration?

how to get rid of __main


HPUX Status?

I need CVS write access

i18n and gcc 3.0

IA-64 Porting

ia64 unwind thoughts

ICE building PPC cross compiler

ICEs in validate_replace_src

If you're wondering what happened to the fixup_var_refs changes

Increased binary size in RedHat 7 using gcc

infinite loop in calculate_global_regs_live


instruction constraints

Internal compiler error.

Introspector Project Launch at SourceForge


Is SSE FP ABI breaking on i386?

java bytecode considered bad

Java web pages and #include virtual="/..."


libio / gen-params and __printf_fp test

libstdc++ FTP dir moved into gcc dir

libstdc++ headers and system headers

Linker errors with large objects and -pg on PA

Linking errors

linking g++ to libstdc++-v3

RE: Live range splitting in new allocator

longjmp crash

loop.c and new fp conditonals infr. again

mainline still broken...

make bootstrap-lean failure

make-error in gcc-3.0-branch

makefile:8: *** missing separator. Stop.

Making a symbol dynamic in executable

Making more builtins fold-able, and handling side-effects in args

Re: Making more builtins fold-able, and handling side-effectsin args

MAX OS X gcc compiler


merging C and C++ options

mips-elf target build failure

Missing mips-tfile dependency in 3.0 branch?

Missing warning message


mode dependent constants

More /u conflicts

More beginners' projects

More binary snapshots


More on SUBREG

moving lib<foo> into GCC FTP site

multiple entry prologues and flowgraph

My project

Names beginning with '*'

need help for mcount for MIPS

no matching function

RE: no matching function (now subclassing iostream)

No NRA Bootstrap on Alpha, was: Re: A few SPEC95 results for the new register allocator

Re: No NRA Bootstrap on Alpha, was: Re: A few SPEC95 results forthe new register allocator

Non-template-friend warning.

Re: Number of registers on x86

objc is badly broken

objc/objc.gperf ?

Objective-C and IA-64 ?

Obsolete config files

On killing SAVE_EXPR


OT: Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Re: outdated dejagnu information on http://gcc.gnu.org/install/test.html

PA port status on GCC 3.0 branch

packed, aligned

PATCH htdocs/index.html for Re: Platforms?

RE: PATCH: flag_external and DECL_EXTERNAL documentation

Patches suggested for 3.0 branch


Please update GCC mirror list

Pointer arithmetic: extending mark_reg_pointer?

porting GCC

porting gcc

porting gcc to a different architecture

Porting gcc to SimpleScalar

Re: Possible problem with debugging info on new abi constructors

powerpc-linux: C++ looks completly broken

The preprocessor and lack of support for -V

preprocessor question

Problem building libgcc2 on sparcv9 with current GCC

Problem compiling apache1.3.12

Problem with `fatal' changes

problem with purge_addressof (function.c)

Problem with sending mail to gcc-gnats@gcc.gnu.org

Problematic linking between glibc and shared libgcc

Problems with -O3 and C++ template instantiations

probs re-building lib makefiles (2.95.2) - how to?

Profiling with -pg and gprof AND multiple processes

Re: Projects for beginners

Proposal on how to study g++ compile-time regression and progression since 2.95.2 and initial analysis

pthread and shared C++ libs ?

Question about -mpreferred-stack-boundary

Question about gcc

Question involving const-value qualifiers in c++...


Quick libgcc question:


Re: Refinement of returning nonzero from cse_main

regclass FLOAT_INT_REGS on x86/graph coloring allocator

Register renaming on x86

Regression checking vs. my -shared-libgcc patch

a regression on 2.95.3 (was Re: How can I submit a large testresult?)

Regression testing between 2.95.2 and 3.0

reload mucking with my allocation

Re: Rerunning CSE after GCSE

Returning structures

RFC -- update_equiv_regs and friends

RFC: caller_save.c and i386

rtl generation & predicates

rtx_unstable_p and rtx_varies_p when PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REG_CALL_CLOBBERED

SAVE_EXPR and sibling calls

The semantics of `truncate'.

Re: Series and gcc

sh-elf target build failures

Shared library annoyance with gcc-3_0-branch

Should char_traits<char>::int_type be an int or unsigned long?

Re: sibcall fixup


Simple benchmarks with gcc-3_0-branch

simple question about testresults list

Simula front-end: Heap-allocated activation records

Sorry for bogus messages

squeeze_notes vs. g++.other/loop2.C (resend)

SSE parameter passing patch

SSE support in the mainline gcc

stack pointer adjustment problem

stale comment in tree.h - on changing layout of tree nodes

status bounded pointer support in GCC

Status of SSE support in current gcc mainline

Still problem bootstrapping 3.0

Strange pedantic error message

Submitting patches to gcc-patches

SUBREG questions

Suggestions for GNATS

SuperH: -m4-nofpu flag

a suspicious gcc warning

Re: test of 'sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4' & 'powerpc-unknown-linux' still

test of 'sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4' & 'powerpc-unknown-linux' still needed ?

texinfo (was: update contribute.html for regression testing)

Re: Third prerelease of gcc-2.95.3 available

Those pesky incomprehensible if statements

tips on working with 2.95.2 sources (parallel make, SGI)?


troubles compiling ncurses5.2

Tru64: GCC 3.0: libstdc++v3 typecast problem in libstdc++v3/libmath/signbitl.c

Unnamed unions

Unrecognized option `-instances=static'

Update on the release note for binutils

Re: Updates to ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure/


Use of register 17 on x86

Using 'at-pr' for bugs? and maybe patches?

Using SSE packed types for complex number arithmetics

V2.95.3 test4 - Missing Patch

V3 problems

V3 vs. AIX

Version numbers

vtable is in the wrong segment

vtgc1.C spurious failures

Wasted effort?

Web pages still refer to Chill

Re: What is exactly in O2?

What is Int64_t? Used in libstdc++v3/libmath/signbitl.c

What is the future of gcc-2.95.3-prerelease ?

where can I find for distributed compilation?

Where I can download the lastest snapshot via Http

Where is the size max of each mailing list set?

why "no new warnings" is good. was: regclass changes reverted

wich can be de problem?

would you be able to help me out please?

Writing Big Endian Files With G77

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