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Re: test of 'sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4' & 'powerpc-unknown-linux' still needed ?

> Would the result be of interest to any GCC develloper ?
> (I have access to both platform)

Test data is always welcome.  However, if you find failures,
it might be that no one has any time to do anything about it
for 3.0 (unless it's something simple).

> If yes, is there any particular environment to provide
> before testing ? In particular, what subset of the GNU
> toolchains are required ? (the sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4
> is fairly up-to-date, but I suppose I should test
> without stuff like binutils, make etc. - only
> autoconf/automake/m4/texinfo - to get a realistic
> bootstrap on a bare system)

As long as you document what you are testing, either type of
test (with native or binutils tools) would be of interest.

> Also, is there any interest in testing "older" platform
> or should they wait for a later release ? (like, say,
> good old m68k-sun-sunos4.1.1)

Run the tests if you want.  But if you find that version x.y.z
doesn't work and x.y.z+1 does, then it's probably almost
certain that the bug would just be ignored, since the user has
the option of running the newer OS version.

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