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Re: (i386-linux x sh-elf) build breakage

2.95.3 and Debian patches to 2.95.2

Re: 2.95.3 fix request: inline asm in C++ templates fix

2.95.3 release candidate CVS tag?

2.95.3 update

212 c++ open bug reports, all unassigned (!?)


[ANNOUNCE] Libgcj in gcc tree availability.

[Dumb question] Is this a memory leak ?

[HelpMe] How to Use GCC for ARM Core in Cygwin...

Re: [jsm28@cam.ac.uk: c/945: Preprocessor errors for long long integer constants under wrong conditions]

Re: [jsm28@cam.ac.uk: c/945: Preprocessor errors for long longinteger constants under wrong conditions]


Re: Adapting switch(x){case(y):...} with hashing

Re: adding documentation for --enable-languages

Again: Bootstrap failure for objdir containing colon

Re: Analysis of Brad's GCSE problem with computed gotos

Re: Analysis of Brad's GCSE problem with computed gotos.

Another bootstrap error: fixinc/gnu-regex.c and _nl_msg_cat_cntr

Any further documentation available ?


Re: Bernd Schmidt, release manager for GCC 2.95.3

RE: Big Int Lib: Thanks!

Big Integer Library?

binutils 2.10.1 on solaris with 2.95.2.

binutils is released.

Bison broken?

Bit Fields

Bootstrap broken on FreeBSD/Alpha

bug in implementation of __throw in gcc?

Re: Bug in loop optimize (invalid postinc to preinc transformation)

Bug in loop optimize (TREE stage)

Build failiure AIX: TOC Overflow

Build on sparc/linux - missing file stdio-lock.h ??

build problem on Alpha

build problem on linux

build problem on sun sparc solaris 2.7

build problems on sun sparc running solaris 2.7

build problems on sun sparc solaris 2.7

build tree nodes vs expand as you go

build_decl() return value ignored in java/decl.c

Building libstdc++

Builtin _exit

C# frontend

C++ and useful error messages

C++ function accessed from C

Re: c/1027: slightly misleading printf format warning

Calling FORTRAN from C

Can profiling do this?

Case-insensitive filesystem problem with current CVS

cc0 query

Change of e-mail address

Checking wide format strings

combine versus hard reg loads/stores fix fix

compare failures on solaris 2.7

Compilation problem in Dynix/ptx

compiling libgcc1.c

Compiling Linux 0.12 with current gcc

Compiling the snapshot for C only

Conditions to have binary compatibility for shared libraries

Copyright questions

cp_demangle interface

cpp oddities. was: sparc-sun-solaris2.8 headers: fixinc, cpplib

CPP warning within comments

cpplib and endianness problems

Re: cpplib: Remove _cpp_fake_include

Creation of mirror

current CVS <cstdlib> + <stdlib.h> = disaster

Current CVS build failure i686-pc-linux-gnu

CVS bootstrap failure on linux/alpha

CVS performance regression over 2.7.2 on SPECint95 on sparc

cvs read behind firewall?

CVS write access

CVS: head attribute does not match file - huh ?

Cygwin GCC compiler in the making

debug symbol size

Debugging data on Alpha

Debugging with complex numbers

Designated initializers for ObjC?

Disabling libstdc++-v3

Re: Documentation

documenting libiberty

Don't Get Ripped Off!

Exception hanlding under g++ questions


expand_field_assignment fix

export in c++

Fastjar's Makefile:153: *** missing separator. Stop.

Flow analysis and optimization with computed gotos

followup: make cross fails (gcc-2.95.2)

Re: forcing tail/sibling call optimization

Fortran candidate patches for gcc-2.95.3.

From dynamic to static executables

Function Argument Question

Functioncall clobbering constant memory

FWIW: VAX fix backport and gcc built on 4.3BSD first time ever!

FYI: Some new maintainers


g++ Bug? use of alloca in a function prevents exception handler walkback on ppc linux

g++ doesn't test anymore on sun sparc solaris 2.7

g77 for OSX

garbage collector never runs!!


gcc - problems using 2.95.2 binary available from www.sunfreeware.com

GCC 2.95.2

GCC 3.0

GCC 3.0 "by the end of the year"

GCC from CVS and alpha-dec-osf5.0

gcc miscompiles gcj @ -O2

gcc snapshots -vs- java libraries

gcc support for Pentium 4?

GCC support in IBM PPC403GC tlbwe op-code

Gcc Test Suite ?

gcc vs. egcs

gcc vs. egcs cont.

gcc vs. egcs right file

gcc vs. egcs update

gcc-2.95.2 has error on HP-UX 10.20

gcc-20001127 build fail on i586-pc-linux-gnu

Re: GCC-20001218.tar.gz


gcc-ss-20001204 is now available

gcc-ss-20001211 is now available

gcc-ss-20001218 is now available

gcc-ss-20001225 is now available

RE: Getting GCC's testsuite, i.e., dejagnu, under cygwin-1.1.7


GNU Compiler license

H8S & version 2.8.1

handling setjmp/longjmp in new front-end

Hanging processes on tara

Hanlding VECTOR_TYPE's in C++

Hashing of "switch/case" selections

FW: Help

Help - cross-compiler for powerpc-linux

Help on Instruction Scheduler for UltraSPARC

Help!! Can you please tell me how to build a shared library...

HELP: gcc-core-x.x.x vs gcc-x.x.x


How do I unsubscribe?

How does linking work under Solaris?

How far to fix includes?

How to deal with this?

How to find out about system paths?

How to get support for PROFDIR

how to use macro in assemble language embedded in C?

how to use snapshots?

How to view GCC GNATS bug reports

Howto compile java?

I have found an ICE

I18N fixes.

i386 setjmp, asm volatile ("") and -fno-defer-pop

i960.h soft float change

Re: ia64 scheduling

ICE during bootstrap.

Re: init_priority

init_priority (was Re: Any further documentation available ?)

INQUIRY: Inconsistent gcc compile failures

Java Gnats database

kerne-2.4.0-test13pre3 with gcc-2.97

Re: Kudos to the gcc developers

Re: LANGUAGES vs --enable-languages (was: Testsuite documentation)

Latest CVS on HP-UX 11.00

re: latest snapshot failed on Linux


libstdc v3 & multilibs

libstdc++-v3 & `compatibility headers'

libstdc++v3 portability problems

libstdc-v3: portability of 'ar' w/o file list?


Re: Licence terms of libstdc++-v3/porting.texi

Line number question

linker err: relocation truncated to fit...

Re: long long performance

Looking for Cygnus' modified VCG graph viewer

MacOSX gcc, NetBSD for PPC, and the Sys V ABI?

Make and '+='

make cross fails (gcc-2.95.2)

mirror of gcc

misaligned access

Missing genrtl.h when building gcc 2000-12-17 cvs snapshot on win2k/pro with cygwin

Missing insn-codes.h when building gcc 2000-12-17 cvs snapshot on win2k/pro with cygwin

Missing tree-check.h when building gcc 2000-12-17 cvs snapshot on win2k/pro with cygwin

Mixing complex numbers and ints

more bootstrap problems

more build problems, sun sparc solaris 2.7

More problems building libstdc++-v3 on Alpha

more sun solaris sparc build problems

new bootstrap results on sun sparc solaris 2.7

new IA32 bootstrap ICE in combine.c

Newline in constant string

numerical value of comparison results

oddity building gcc-2.95.2 on aix4

On vacation...

Open Projects and GCC 3.0


option -g is not supported

Our FAQ (was: Patch for old FAQ links)

Our NWP test suite on 2.95.3 (d.d. 20001223)

Re: pa reload problem

pasting would not give a valid preprocessing token

Patch for 2.95.3

PATCH for: GCC 3.0 "by the end of the year"

Patch to optabs.c

Re: PATCH: mkfixinc.sh fixes

Pentium III SSE intrinsics

Policy on commiting clearly correct patches

Porting GCC to a new OS?

Porting to 16-bit micro-processor (was Patch to optabs.c)

Precompiled Headers: A proposal


Problems with ./genrecog while bootstrapping gcc-2000-12-10

Problems with Libraries?

Problems with throw() in system calls


proto conflict, dwarf1 err, cpp oddity, Re: libstdc++v3 portability problems

ptr vs ref performance??

Re: ptr vs ref performance?? (test case)


Re: question about "fixed" headers on FreeBSD

Question about output_constant_def/convert_memory_address

Reading internal g++ tree for Python interface generation


Re:relocation tuncated to fit ...

RFA: how to handle union wait portably?

RFC: Moving Java PRs to Gcc database

RTEMS config.gcc update

RTEMS i386 target changes

RTEMS libobjc thread support stub

RTEMS m68k target changes

RTEMS PowerPC patch


RTEMS STL support

Running tests with multiple options

Shared lib problem: __dso_handle

Short gcc.gnu.org downtime

sjlj CFG improvement

slow V3 configures (was Re: ICE during bootstrap.)

solaris bootstrap problems

solving c++ Linkage/binary compatibility problems

Some questions bout assemblycode build with gcc

sparc-sun-solaris2.8 headers: fixinc, cpplib

Stepanov results with development gcc

string constants

Submitting test results

RE: Successful build of CVS GCC under Cygwin!

Successful GCC(C++) i586-pc-cygwin32

Testsuite for GCC

text section naming

To users of contrib/gcc_update...

Unable to bootstrap gcc snapshot of 20001211 on Dynix/ptx

v3 link failures analyzed

Virtual table contents

virtual table mechanism

Volunteer for 2.95.3 Cygwin testing

Volunteer for Testing

warning about static functions in headers

where to document makefile targets?

why gcc always says error in cygwin

wrong comment in */lang_options.h


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