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"high" priority PRs

"make dist" support

"OImode" ?

--enable-cstdio ?

Re: -cvs lists oddities

-O2 on alphaev6 has big problems

-Wswitch vs -Wuninitialized

2.95.2 arm-elf-gcc and -msingle-pic-base

2.95.3 (was Re: Removal of V2 code)

2.95.3 fix request: inline asm in C++ templates fix

[ANNOUNCE] Libgcj relocation announce.

Re: [discuss] AMD x86-64 GCC development

Re: [discuss] Re: CC register for x86-64 asm statements. Was: glibc: syscalls for x86-64

[Fwd: aix, dlopen(NULL, .), and gcc]

[Fwd: gcc-2.95.2 hang with cpp]

Fwd: Re: [Mingw-users] -fnative-struct

Re: [Mingw-users] Possible strange behaviour of gcc

[NeilB@earthling.net: Re: HTML page for tree.def]

[PATCH] Re: failure in gcc compile

Re: [patches] Re: CC register for x86-64 asm statements. Was: glibc: syscalls for x86-64

[RFA] rtl.texi (was Re: "OImode" ?)

about install the gcc 2.95 tar gzip file

Ada/GCC testing (was: Why not gnat Ada in gcc?)

Adapting switch(x){case(y):...} with hashing

adding documentation for --enable-languages

Re: aix, dlopen(NULL, .), and gcc

AIX: linking xlc libs with gcc

alphaev67-unknown-linux-gnu (compile sucess)

AMD x86-64 GCC development

Analysis of Brad's GCSE problem with computed gotos.

analysis of gnats g++/720: abstraction penalty/inlining problems

Re: analysis of gnats g++/720: abstraction penalty/inliningproblems

Analysis of remaining EGCS references

Analysis of remaining EGCS references 2


Apache Problem

Automated testing framework (was: V3: SPARC bug and tree freeze)


backtracking yacc

Bernd Schmidt goes blanket write

Bernd Schmidt, release manager for GCC 2.95.3

Better choice for UltraSPARC ...

BINFO error??

binutils is released.

Bootstrap comparison failure on linux/alpha

Bootstrap stage2 ICE of today's CVS

Bootstrap w/Redhat 7.0?

Bug in setjmp/longjmp on Sparc

bug report

Build system benchmark

Building CVS on IRIX without -mabi=64

Building CVS under HP-UX 11.00

building splitted gcc manual (errors in md.texi)

C++ include files ``gone''?

c++ language question

C++ PATCH: Switch to the new ABI

C++, libstdc++-v3 and, well, error messages

Re: c++/890

C99 status.html query

call from Moscow

CC register for x86-64 asm statements. Was: glibc: syscalls for x86-64

Class compilation

Cleaning up the FOM

code gen logic for virtual members when optimizing?

COFF debugging info bug

compiling 2.95(.2)

Compiling gcc-2.95.2

compiling libio under glibc-2.2

config.sub pentium2 and pentiumii aliases (fwd)

Configuring inside the source tree

contributing to gcc, and problem report #655

Copyright assignment

Copyright forms (was: Automated testing framework)

cpp0 performance regressions

Re: cpplib: fix -Wtrigraphs double warnings

cpplib: Language defaults

CVS won't compile on HP-UX

Re: Debug formats on Linux


Do I have a bad version of gcc?


does c++filt work?

Does the old FSF CVS tree still exist?

download difficulties

download PRO*C

Re: duplicate symbols on HP-PA

Re: EGCS->GCC: Snapshot names




Extra constraints and (symbolic) immediates

failure in gcc compile

Feeding back fixincludes changes

fn pointer problem in v3

forcing tail/sibling call optimization


Re: function pointer

g++ and stdout strangeness

g++ on empty file dumps core

G++ test failures


GCC 2.95.2

Re: gcc 2.95.2 -fPIC on HP-UX 11-> ld: Data Linkage Table (+z) overf low in file [...] - use +Z option to recompile

gcc 2.95.2 HP-UX 10.20

gcc 2.95.2 on HP-UX 11.00

GCC 2.95.2 Windows NT Configure Batch File

GCC 3.0 release criteria suggestion. Call for cc0 build hosts (like m68k and VAX).

Re: GCC 3.0 release criteria suggestion. Call for cc0 buildhosts (like m68k and VAX).

gcc align.

Gcc and message catalogs

gcc austrian mirror

gcc behavior re const optimization

RE:gcc behavior re optimization

GCC Build trouble

gcc Dump error or g++ IR error?

Re: Gcc extra alignment..

gcc for HP-Unix 11.0

GCC for Windows, Bison compiler

gcc installation

gcc Installation problem

GCC is slooooow

GCC Support for IBM405GP

gcc ver 2.6?

Re: gcc warning

Re: gcc warning (g++ warning)

gcc-2.95.2 hang with cpp

gcc-2.95.2 HP-UX 11.00 Dynamically Linked Binary

gcc-ss-20001101 is now available

gcc-ss-20001106 is now available

gcc-ss-20001113 is now available

gcc-ss-20001120 is now available

gcc-ss-20001127 is now available

gcc3.0 debugging format on solaris?

gcov-io.h and libgcc GPL exception

GDB 5?

genattrab memory usage

Generation process for cpp.1

glibc 2.2 and GCC CVS on alpha

glibc 2.2 related question

global offset table problem

GNU Fortran 90?

Re: GNU Fortran90?

Half-baked i386 stack alignment thoughts

Head up: libstdc++ web pages

Re: Header file installation

Help for "gcc-2.8.1-sol7-sparc-local.gz"

Re: help installing gcc

Re: Help installing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host-only port for Mac OS X?

How about breaking out the big system case construct from configure.in?

How to list all calls a library contained?

Re: HP-PA ABI issues - framepointer handling


HTML page for tree.def


i18n, try 2

i386 non-matching patterns

ia64 patch for C++ gprel link errors

ia64 patch for mask bit confusion

Inefficient code generation with -fPIC.

Re: install gcc 2.95.2 on Redhat 7.0

Install problem

Installation names

Installing egcs-1.1.2

Re: Installing GCC

Integrated preprocessor bug

Internal compiler error -- unrecognizable insn.

Invalid shortcut in calculate_global_regs_live

iostream.h compile error

IRIX inet_ntoa() redux...

is _GNU_SOURCE defined by gcc ?

Java support in GCC 3.0

Kudos to the gcc developers

LANGUAGES vs --enable-languages (was: Testsuite documentation)

LAPACK 3.0 with g77 from 20001120 snapshot on Irix6.5

LAPACK 3.0 with g77 from current snapshot on Irix6.5

latest snapshot fails to build libobjc.so on Solaris

libgcc1 error

libio build bitching about bits/libc-lock.h

libio tests?

libstc++-v3 vector not convertible to pointer

libstdc++ v3 & snapshots

libstdc++ web pages: sources.redhat.com -> gcc.gnu.org

libstdc++ without g++ - alas ...

libstdc++-v3 and newlib

libstdc++-v3 and pthread

Licence terms of libstdc++-v3/porting.texi

Lines Overflowing My Screen

linker not linking.....

Re: linux-kernels and -foptimize-sibling-calls

list of gcc files/purpose?

M68K assembly

m68k-coff illegal code generation patch

Machine Description for Freedom CPU

make failure in building GCC CVS

make install

make versionitis? (OpenBSD)

Makefile change to restart bootstraps

MEM flags and stack temps

memory allocation problem

Memory usage statistics

Mistaken change in GCC (fwd)

mmap versus read benchmark

Modes on CONST_INTs

MODES_TIEABLE_P for big endian

more on the C++ abstraction penalty

Moving the libstdc++ lists

named return value extension

need assistance

New ABI EH (was Re: C++ PATCH: Switch to the new ABI)

new entry for GCC CVS build

New pod2man released

NLS support will be disabled by default for now

Re: odd Makefile construct - anyone know why?

RE: OON: libstc++-v3 vector not convertible to pointer

operator overloading

Order of .o-files and .a-files

Partially implemented or broken C extension ?

PATCH for Re: gcc 2.95.2 on HP-UX 11.00

PATCH for Re: Should people need bison or is that a bug?

Patch to avoid "string length > minimum length" warnings for C++

PATCH: Switch to V3

perfered ELF debugging format for GNU tools

Porting libstdc++-v3 to cygwin

Porting Toshiba TLCS-900 - Help

Possible strange behaviour of gcc

Preprocessor arithmetic

Pretty please with sugar on the top

Problem bootstrapping latest sources

Problems Building gcc-2.95

problems installing the gcc compiler

Problems with stl_vector and GCC 2.95.2 19991024

profiling a MT-App (with shared libs) on Linux

proposed bootstrap changes


pthreads define on Solaris


Question about gcc and ctrl-m

Questions about the CVS build process


README.gnat (was: Patch to remove more EGCS references)

Recent change breaks all versions of Emacs

Recursive make harmful (was: Re: what should bootstrap *really* do?)


Re: Release criteria status

Removal of V2 code

report: compile sucess

Request to move config/rs6000 to config/powerpc

request to put the code of machine independent stackprotection

Results for 2.97 20001120 (experimental) testsuite on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 with -mcpu=ultrasparc -m64

return register clobbering

return register clobbering: addition

Re: RFA: Unterminated string constants in m88k.h

rs6000.c / PPc-EABI / VxWorks / varargs / 2.95.2 vs. 2.7.2

SC confidentiality

seg fault on redirection


Re: shared libg2c?

A sick idea - mmapped file output

size of cdata types

Re: size of int 24

Re: Small sibbling call tweak

Solaris build failure because of wchar_t handling?

Solaris, another case of ``missing'' files

Re: Somewhat-related changes to expr.c & tree.c

sources in GCC repository

Stack alignment ? in latest ss

Re: Stale link to "Tree Representation Internals"

Status of texinfo removal?

Strange behavior of compiler optimization.

Strange problem with exceptions


Successful --enable-checking=misc,tree,rtl,gc,gcac bootstrap on irix6.5

Successful build of CVS GCC under Cygwin!

sun/os as release candidate was: Removal of V2 code

swedish translation

Switch to V3 library

Switching to V3

Template help

Re: Template help,To Alexandre Oliva

test result

test results on linux/alpha

Testing 2.95.3 / 3.0 (was: Bernd Schmidt, release manager forGCC2.95.3)

Testsuite documentation

Testsuites done the Right Way :-)

thoughts on a new switch, -print-flags ?

Three items from the bleeding edge

Re: tips for configuring in the source directory?

TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED, assemble_name, memory wastage


Trivial case of inefficial PA code

Trying to build gcc for HP-UX 10.20

update contribute.html for regression testing

user hostile gobbledygook in top level Makefile

RE: Using of parse tree externally

V3 and Integrated CPP [was Re: V3 PATCH: Disable wide-character tests where necessary]

V3 and IRIX 6.5

Re: V3 PATCH: Disable wide-character tests where necessary

V3 Porting Guide

V3: SPARC bug and tree freeze

V3: Tree slushy

var-args implementation

What does this error-message mean?

what should bootstrap *really* do?

When I compile c++ files,which preprocessor be used?tradcpp,or cpp?

Where can I find a list of gcc option?

Where is noskipws

Who can send me some documents about THREAD?

Who issues GNU software (was: CodeSourcery's online test compilation)

Why does this happen ??

Re: Why not gnat Ada in gcc?

Re: Why not gnat Ada in gcc? (really ia64 port and NDAs)

Will there be a new interims gcc-2.95.2+x release ?

zack's todo list

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