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Re: Questions about the CVS build process

> 1. Can a snapshot be converted into a CVS sandbox?  I ended up just
>    doing a full cvs checkout, but at least one other large project
>    (mozilla) recommends downloading the snapshot, unpacking it, then
>    using cvs to grab only the deltas since then.  (They apparently
>    simply package up the CVS subdirectories in the snapshot tar file,
>    and it "just works."  I'm no CVS guru, so I'm probably missing
>    something obvious).

Probably.  I see no advantage to it though, you have to download the
same amount of stuff ultimately.

> 2. Can the install prefix be changed after doing a bootstrap?  Or do I
>     have to do a full configure + bootstrap cycle again?

You can reconfigure in the build directory and rebuild - it _should_
only rebuild stuff that's necessary, but I haven't tried this with a
bootstrap.  Alternately you could tar everything up and move it, it
should work fine.

> 3. Is there a way that configure can detect that it's being run in the
>    source directory (instead of a sibling "build" directory of some
>    sort), and abort?  I didn't read the instructions closely enough
>    the first time, and apparently I did enough damage to the sources
>    that it was quite unhappy.  I ended up removing the first tree and
>    doing another checkout from scratch, and it seemed much happier
>    after that.

Probably could find a way to check it - I'm not sure if this would be
acceptable or a good idea though. Anyone have a comment?

> p.s. Should I/we care about the fairly large number of these warnings?
>      warning: integer constant is unsigned in ANSI C, signed with -traditional
>      warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

Well, yes and no.  Yes, we should care about them, but don't worry about
it right now ;)


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