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Gcc and message catalogs

* Dennis Bjorklund ( [20001113 18:07]:

> I've tried to create a swedish translation of cvs-gcc but I have
> some problems:

As I'm maintaining that part of GCC, I'll try to answer your questions.
> * xgettext is called with the flag "--defines" which does not
>   exist in my xgettext. And I use getttext 0.10.35 which is
>   the latest released version.

As Andreas told you already, you need the current CVS version of the gettext
tools (URL in gcc/ABOUT-GCC-NLS).
>   But I solved this for now by removing "--defines". And it
>   looked like it worked at least.

No, it only seems to work :) What is missing from the master catalog are the
help texts defined in platform specific headers (TARGET_SWITCHES and
> * After I have created the file I copied it to
>   {prefix}/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/ but it didn't
>   work. I still get no swedish output.

To just iron out possible problems, I'd advise a different approach:

  - put sv.po in gcc/po
  - edit gcc/ and add sv to the variable ALL_LINGUAS, i.e.
    it would look like this:
    ALL_LINGUAS="en_GB sv"

  - recreate configure by calling autoconf.

  - configure gcc normally.

Now should be built automatically and 'make install' will install it
where gcc expects it to be.
>   So I ran the compiler with ltrace and saw that it did call
>   bindtextdomain() and other initialize functions but it
>   never called any gettext() functions. That's a bit strange..

What is LANG set to? 
>   I have installed this version under /opt/gcc/ since I have
>   my normal version of gcc in /usr.

If you either call it as /opt/gcc/bin/gcc or have /opt/gcc/bin preceeding
/usr/bin in PATH, you will get the right one.


Philipp Thomas <>
Development, SuSE GmbH, Schanzaecker Str. 10, D-90443 Nuremberg, Germany

Penguins shall save the dinosaurs
                          -- Handelsblatt about Linux on S/390

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