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Re: zack's todo list

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil Booth <> writes:

    Neil> Zack Weinberg wrote:-

    >> This is a list of things I'd like to get done before 3.0.  Most
    >> of them are performance related.

    Neil> cpplib could do with a performance boost.  It looks like
    Neil> integrated CPP is going to be default, so it's not as
    Neil> important as it would otherwise be.  We're still quite a bit
    Neil> slower though, and even though we now have more features
    Neil> which cost performance I'm not totally clear why we can't be
    Neil> as fast.

I think that the performance of the non-integrated CPP is not
important for 3.0.  It is important, in fact, only that the total time
taken by `gcc -c foo.c' be comparable to 2.95; we can choose to speed
up any part of the compiler to accomplish that.  In other words, if
cpp is slower, and the compiler is faster that is OK.  

What would be nice would be if CPP were faster, and since integrated,
even faster, allowing us some slop for slowdowns in the compiler

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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