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Re: V3: SPARC bug and tree freeze

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Robert Lipe wrote:
> Mark Mitchell wrote:
> > system, but we can't ask people to build glibc locally before every
> > checkin; that's crippling.
> Especially since glibc only meaningfully builds on a relatively small
> percentage of the targets represented by GCC...  Note that I didn't say
> for "small percentage of users", so please don't flame me [again] for
> reminding the crowd that the world has systems where glibc just doesn't
> exist.

And not all machines where glibc does build are in the gigaherz range.  I
autobuild four GNU projects nightly, on i386-linux, armv4l-linux, and
armv3l-linux.  The longest builds are the arm ones.  A full GCC, with
'make -k chek', takes just under 10 hours, and glibc takes just over 4

Not all of GNU/Linux is highend x86s, alphas, and sparcs.

Not to detract from the idea of more automated testing, but sometimes you
have to build on these 'slower' architectures as they have been known to
show up bugs which affect the the highend systems, but which currently do
not show up.


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