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Re: zack's todo list

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Zack Weinberg wrote:

>   - Make __FUNCTION__ et al allocate the string only when used.
>     (Avoids pointless allocation of strings and decl structures for
>     every function.  May mean we don't need prune_unused_decls
>     anymore.)

If you're looking at __FUNCTION__ and related stuff, you might wish to
look at the outstanding __func__ bugs (c99-func-[234].c and PR c/460).

>   - Do installation in separate shell script?

More details?  I know one problem with installation: installed headers are
owned by the user who did the build rather than root (if installing as
root but building as a user); and a desirable feature would be DESTDIR
support; and I was thinking of also installing under version-numbered
names (gcc-3.0, etc.) to encourage keeping old drivers around rather than
trying to use -V and complaining when it doesn't work - if I understood
the logic behind which programs get installed under what names of links at
present - which would best be done with a sub-shell-script to handle the
task of installing a single executable under all the names that might be

Joseph S. Myers

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