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I've tried to create a swedish translation of cvs-gcc but I have
some problems:

* xgettext is called with the flag "--defines" which does not
  exist in my xgettext. And I use getttext 0.10.35 which is
  the latest released version.

  But I solved this for now by removing "--defines". And it
  looked like it worked at least.

* After I have created the file I copied it to
  {prefix}/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/ but it didn't
  work. I still get no swedish output.

  So I ran the compiler with ltrace and saw that it did call
  bindtextdomain() and other initialize functions but it
  never called any gettext() functions. That's a bit strange..

  I have installed this version under /opt/gcc/ since I have
  my normal version of gcc in /usr and i don't want to destroy
  that one. Can this be the problem. What do I need to do
  to run an other copy off gcc in my system. Do I have to
  change my PATH and stuff when I run it or will it understand
  that gcc in /opt/gcc should use the other files under /opt/gcc.

Any suggestions are helpfull.


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