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Re: Analysis of remaining EGCS references 2

On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> As a first step, I think we need all relevant programs it uses to be in
> CVS -
> [...]
> release_docs

Here you are. IMO this should become a part of contrib/release. I wouldn't
care for the other script (for now).

-------- cut --------
#! /bin/sh -x


cp wwwdocs/htdocs/faq.html $release_name
#cp wwwdocs/htdocs/bugs.html $release_name
rm -rf $release_name/install
mkdir $release_name/install
cp wwwdocs/htdocs/install/* $release_name/install
rm -rf $release_name/INSTALL
mkdir $release_name/INSTALL
cat > $release_name/INSTALL/README << DONE
The installation instructions are no longer in this directory.  Instead
they can be found in the "install" directory at the toplevel of the GCC
distribution (ie gcc-2.95/install).  For HTML browsing start with
install/index.html, for plaintext, start with install/INDEX.

Moving the installation instructions in this manner makes it significantly
easier to share code between the distribution and the web pages.

This directory (INSTALL) will be completely removed in the next major
GCC release.

for dir in . install; do
  cd $release_name/$dir

  for file in *.html; do
    lynx -dump -underscore $file | \
       sed -e s#file://localhost/var/tmp/$2/$release_name# > /tmp/$$
    mv /tmp/$$ `basename $file .html | tr "[:lower:]" "[:upper:]"`

  cd $save_dir

-------- cut --------

> * Would the snapshot and release scripts better be a single script (or
> share some parts)?


Gerald "Jerry"

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