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Re: Using NLS in the regression checker

> Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 19:30:15 +0200
> From: Philipp Thomas <>
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> Mail-Followup-To: Geoff Keating <>,
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> Geoff,
> while grumbling over yet another file removed from the source tree but not
> from, it suddenly dawned on me that it may be possible to
> activate NLS in the regression checker. That way the regression checker
> would catch these cases and the usefullnes of the NLS support wouldn't rely
> on me making regular compiles.

[Aargh!  Was that me?  Sorry!]

Sure.  Just change so that NLS is switched on by default,
and the regression tester will test it automatically.  I'm happy to
add any tools to the regression tester's environment that it might need.

> Note that you don't need the the gettext tools installed in order to check.
> Just do a 'make stamp-check-po' in gcc/po and it'll fail if
> hasn't been kept up-to-date.

... or add 'make stamp-check-po' to 'make check'.

I don't want to have the regression tester differ greatly from the
normal 'configure && make && make check' build process, because
otherwise it'll be testing something different to what most people

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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