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Release criteria status

Are the release criteria going to be updated at some point to indicate
what the current status of them is?  (For example, cpplib is done, Java gc
is done, all criteria related to Chill have been dropped unless a
volunteer turns up to convert Chill to gc.  I'd think the release criteria
page ought to indicate for criteria on which progress has been made what
the status is.)

What's the status of unified installation documentation?  I'd like to
propose the following patch to that criterion: both gcc/INSTALL and the
second online docs mentioned come from gcc/install.texi, and there's more
documentation in the README files (as I previously noted) and
f/g77install.texi (much of which is already conditioned out as obsolete).

I'd also like to propose (again) that the status of the NEWS files versus
the online release notes needs to be worked out.  In particular, gcc/NEWS,
starting "Noteworthy changes in GCC after EGCS 1.1" with items *not* in
the GCC 2.95 release notes, is definitely confusing.

--- criteria.html	Tue Oct 17 18:09:00 2000
+++ criteria+.html	Sat Oct 21 18:28:37 2000
@@ -75,9 +75,9 @@
        GCC 3.0 release.</p>
 <li><p>Installation Documentation</p>
     <p>Merge <a href="">on-line installation
-       documentation</a>, <code>gcc/INSTALL</code>, and <a
-       href="">some more
-       on-line installation documentation</a>.</p>
+       documentation</a>, <code>gcc/install.texi</code>, the old
+       system-specific <code>gcc/README.*</code> files, and
+       <code>gcc/f/g77install.texi</code>.</p>
 <h2>Platform Support</h2>

Joseph S. Myers

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