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Re: Anyone knows about a testcase which was fixed by Wed Dec 24 18:05:13 1997 SPARC change?

> Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 02:06:18 -0400
> From: Jakub Jelinek <>
> To:

> Can anyone think of a testcase which was fixed by

> Wed Dec 24 18:05:13 1997  Richard Kenner  <>

>         * sparc.c: Add prototypes for static functions.
>         (check_pic): Check for form of pic_pc_rtx, not it itself.
>         (pic_setup_code): New function, from finalize_pic.
>         (finalize_pic): Call pic_setup_code and insert after nonlocal_receiver.
>         * (nonlocal_goto_receiver): New pattern.

> (well, particularly the nonlocal_goto_receiver and reloading of %l7 (pic
> base register) in all nonlocal_goto_receivers)? I cannot think of any, nor
> can DaveM. If noone comes with explanation why %l7 might get clobbered, I'll
> submit a patch to remove this shortly.

My best recollection would be to re-initialize the PIC register after
transitioning a shared library boundary during an EH flow control
thang.  The nonlocal_goto_receiver existed before the EH specific
receiver existed (exception_receiver), and code for that routine was
placed into the former routine.

Isn't this just obvious?  :-)

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