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Re: Testsuite ad RedHat 7

> In french this  is called a bug.  BTW try compiling the glibc with
> gcc 2.95 and the following flags: -O2 -finline-functions -mcpu=i686 
> -malign-stack=2  and all you will get is a core dump

If you use a combination of flags that no one has ever used before,
you will find bugs.  Now that this particular bug has been found
it will be, or has been, fixed.  But users should beware of this kind
of thing.  We beat on -O2 very hard, as everyone uses it.  But
machine-specific flags (the -m flags) are often under-tested.

> > Who would dare to use large optimizations on gcc 2.95.x except for those
> > daredevil linux people anyways ?
> People looking for speed bonus.  You see one of the ways to get faster
> apps is with better compilers and more agressive flags.

Fair enough.  But you need to understand that if you use unusual flags
you will find new bugs in the compiler.  ANY compiler.  The principle
with any software is "if it hasn't been tested it probably doesn't work".

> This is one of the problems in gcc, releases and bug fixes are
> unfrequent.  That means that we users of gcc have to live for months
> and months with suboptimal compilers and in addition htting the same
> bugs again and again.

If you want to help make this better, do lots of testing on snapshots
so that the problems can be fixed before release.

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