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Re: Testsuite ad RedHat 7

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you write:
   > Ah, and one thing that I have not seen mentioned here: Red Hat invested
  > significant resources in testing and stabilizing this version of GCC,
  > which led to many test-cases and patches by Jakub (and others); so in a
  > sense also GCC 3.0 development will profit from that.
Speaking as a Red Hat employee, not as a steering committee member for a 

Yup.  I've been concerned that this technical tidbit was being lost.  A
great deal of effort went into stabilizing that code and as bugs were found,
tests & fixes we written and added to GCC.

I would claim that most/all of the bugs Jakub fixed were things we were going
to have to fix anyway to get GCC 3.0 out the door.

I'd also like to hope that having a wider audience of users working with that
compiler will expose some problems that may have slipped through the GCC 3.0
release process otherwise.

As I've mentioned to others in private and semi-private mail, we had a
set of (impossible) criteria to meet and we selected the compiler which best
met the set of criteria.

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