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Re: HP-UX 10.20 Install Problems

  In message <C50DB0BE69E0D211B5D50008C7894AA2C43567@caeis04nok>you write:
   > I have followed the instructions given at the
  > "" website.
I haven't looked at these, but odds are there are some botches in
their instructions.

  > (binutils 2.9.1, Bison 1.28, flex 2.5.4a and sed 3.0.2 have all been
  > installed locally)
You shouldn't need bison, flex or sed to install gcc (though you may need to
get a patch from HP to fix their broken sed).

  > I then downloaded the HP-UX Source Code (gzipped) using FTP, on looking at
  > the file it's description was:
  > 	gcc-2.95.2-ss-11.00.tar.gz
?!?  This doesn't correspond to any official release I'm aware of.  It
almost sounds like a hacked up version for hpux11.  I recommend you instead
get an official release from the FSF.

  > The file was then decompressed and un-tar'd so that the configuring process
  > could start.
  > I am using the "" notes for
  > configuring.
  > I set-up an "objdir", cd'd into it then ran the "srcdir/configure" command.
  > The following error message appeared:
  > /mnt/GCC/gcc-2.95.2/configure --prefix=/usr/local
  > Configuring for a -hp-hpux10.20 host.
  > *** Cannot configure here in "/mnt/GCC/build" when "/mnt/GCC/gcc-2.95.2" is
  > currently configured.
This sounds like whatever sources you downloaded had already been configured,
and 99.9% of the time that's a bad thing.  Go get an official release and start


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