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Re: Using of parse tree externally

Over the summer I wrote an addition to the cp front end that would dump
all the declarations (and template instantiations) in an entire
translation unit in an XML format I designed.  It is no where near ready
to be contributed, but the current state of it might be useful to you,
Denis.  I'm afraid I won't be able to continue work on it until Janurary,
but I can send you what I have, if you are interested.  I also wrote a
parser to read the translation unit back in for my own purposes in another
program, so I'm confident that there is useful information in the output.


On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> >>>>> "Denis" == Denis Perchine <> writes:
>     Denis> Hello,
>     Denis> I work on static analisys tool. And would like to use parse
>     Denis> tree produced by C++ gcc frontend. The question is did
>     Denis> someone did some movements to store parse tree in a file
>     Denis> and read it back in a program which is outside gcc tree?
> Nobody has done this, yes.  This is something we have talked about
> extensively, and have some ideas about, but has not been done.

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