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Re: PDP10 support

[ removed binutils from distribution ]

On 12 Sep 2000, lars brinkhoff wrote:
> Is there something I can do to get the attention of the SC?  Other
> than posting these letters, of course.

As you noticed, most of us are reading this list on a daily base ;-),
so this is the preferred medium for general discussion as it also adds
the vast knowledge of lots of other contributors and users.

Should you (or someone else) want to raise a private issue with the SC
or ask the SC for a decision if discussions on the lists have not led
to a clear conclusion, you can always contact a SC member of your
choice who will then forward that request.

However, note that the SC should not (and will not) interfere with day
to day work -- for that we have lots of highly qualified maintainers
and critical users. :-)

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Joe Buck wrote:
> If it only benefits the PDP-10, it's not that interesting.  However,
> there's a large group of word-oriented architectures out there (DSPs).
> Since these do little if any character processing, the 32-bit byte
> approach isn't too bad, but some DSP users might be interested in
> being able to use 8 and 16 bit quantities (half and quarter words).
> For that reason, your work may be interesting.


FWIW, that makes three global write commiters/four SC members that view
your proposal as useful in principle, if I've counted correctly. ;-)

Gerald "Jerry"

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