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Re: m68k MacOS target support?

Joe Buck <> wrote:

> The MAINTAINERS file in the GCC distribution lists who the maintainers
> are for various aspects of GCC, and your name does not appear.

I've said clearly I think that I'm *running* for the m68k maintainer. I say "as
the m68k maintainer I will..." the same way Bush and Gore say "as the President
of the U.S. I will..." :-)

> Jeff
> Law is listed as maintainer for the m68k port [...]

With a question mark. When I asked him what he meant by that, he said that he
would be willing to pass the maintainership to someone who would actually be
working on that port.

Since the beginning of year 2000 I have been the only one making any
enhancements to the m68k port in the Cygnus tree. So far all my enhancements
have been in Binutils modules, but I'll get into the gcc module soon too.

Michael Sokolov		Harhan Engineering Laboratory
Public Service Agent	International Free Computing Task Force
			International Engineering and Science Task Force
			DALLAS TX 75204-5852 USA

Phone: +1-214-824-7693 (Harhan Eng Lab office)
E-mail: msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG (ARPA TCP/SMTP) (UUCP coming soon)

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