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PDP10 support (was Re: m68k MacOS target support?)

Lars Brinkoff writes:
> That's very interesting, because I'd like to know if the GCC
> maintainers are interested in the changes I would have to make to GCC
> for it to support the different PDP-10 pointer formats.

If it only benefits the PDP-10, it's not that interesting.  However,
there's a large group of word-oriented architectures out there (DSPs).
Since these do little if any character processing, the 32-bit byte
approach isn't too bad, but some DSP users might be interested in
being able to use 8 and 16 bit quantities (half and quarter words).
For that reason, your work may be interesting.

I'm also a believer in strong typing and while I can't currently
demonstrate it, I have a vague feeling that the quality of the back end
may be improved and possibly more opportunities for improvement exposed if
careful attention is paid to what is an address and what is an integer, as
this work will require.

> It's my intention that the changes should be as non-intrusive as
> possible and make GCC easier to port to other architectures with
> unsusual pointer formats.  My employer may be willing to sponsor this
> if it's an improvement of GCC.  But if the GCC maintainers are not
> interested in this, I'd rather just make the changes necessary for
> PDP-10 without considering other architectures.

We'd have to see if DSP folks are interested.

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