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"GNU_AS" symbol in IA-64 bits

(forw) Re: Message catalog for GCC

-finstrument-functions and inlining problem?

-foptimize-sibling-calls and passing structs

-march= for x86

-Wconversion ignores type casts

64 bit doubles and long long for h8300 targets?

68HC11&68HC12 port for Binutils, Gdb and Gcc



[gnu@gnu.org: [Fwd - Frm: sergei@servermail.cepro.cefetpr.br, Subj: failure notice!]]

Re: [gnu@gnu.org: [Fwd - Frm: sergei@servermail.cepro.cefetpr.br, Subj: failurenotice!]]

Fw: [gnu@gnu.org: [Fwd - Frm: sergei@servermail.cepro.cefetpr.br,Subj: failure notice!]]

[PATCH] - gcc/configure.in

Re: [postmaster@sourceware] indirected link to faq from /gcc-2.95/features.html

Re: [postmaster@sourceware] indirected link to faq from/gcc-2.95/features.html


about embedded GCC


ADV: Search Engine Registration

advice on development path

Alias sets

alloca patch for 2.95.3?

Another 3.0 release criterion -- correct manual

Re: another exception handling question.... (was Re: trying to glue M odula-3 onto egcs table based exception handl ing support)

another exception handling question.... (was Re: trying to glue Modula-3 onto egcs table based exception handl ing support)

Backend compiler basics?

Basic Graphics Library...

BeOS bootstrap

binutils is released.

Binutils is released.

Re: Bootstrap failing on sparc-sun-solaris2.6

build failures on sun4 sparc solaris

building CALL_EXPR's with string constants

Building libstdc++ non-shared with -fpic ?

Building libstdc++ on Alpha

Byte Alignment 1 for Code using STL

C Compiler

c++ demangle help

C++ Policy: Bootstrap with what?

C++ question (BUG?)

Re: c++/359

C/C++ front-end extension a la SWIG?

Calling life_analysis from other optimizers (i.e. VRP)

cant get into a chat room


Re: Changes to the FOM

re: Changes to the FOM -- please add date-of-modification

Check-In Requirements

commitment to DWARF2 debugging information

Common backend for gcc

comparing pointers inside builtins.c

Compiler Directive to List Defined Macros?

conditional register usage via function attribute - how?

conditional registers per function, possible or not?

Conerned about lack of detail in ChangeLog/commit messges

config.guess and Linux/GNU

consecutive hard regs in complexes

const_iterator oddness?

Cross-compiler for 68kHC11

Curiosity in sparc/sp86x-aout.h

CVS compilation problems on Solaris 8

CVS'd sources at 200006010830 UTC: cc1plus crashes while scanning options.

Different behaviour of stdarg as function of platform, is this a bug?

Diffs from 2000-05-01 to 2000-05-08


Documentation request for -ansi

Duplicate symbols (was Re: gcc-ss-20000612: installation failure on hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00)

Dwarf2 is broken?

EGCS for sparcv9?

en_UK considered harmful

Enable parallel build gcc on Linux

Re: Error problem

Errors from Gcc

euro 4 U

Exception Catching.

exceptions without libstdc++

Excessive compile times for simple function with sh-elf-gcc 2.96

FW: failure notice

Finally, optimized 2.96 20000604 builds

Fortran 77 code and Data statements...

Fortran Extensions

Re: FreeBSD configure patch review wanted

Function instrumentation

Re: Function Instrumentation

Function pointer casts and warnings

G++ link command line

g77 performance comparison, i686

gcc 2.7.2 and gcc 2.8.1

GCC and purify

GCC and system headers

Re: gcc bug email list

Re: GCC commandline option names for thread support

gcc conformance to HP-PA ABI

GCC Help


gcc Question

gcc-2.95 built successfully on hppa1.1-hp-hpux11.00

Re: gcc-ss-20000530 is now available

gcc-ss-20000604 is now available

gcc-ss-20000605 is now available

gcc-ss-20000612 is now available

gcc-ss-20000612: installation failure on hppa2.0n-hp-hpux11.00

gcc-ss-20000619 is now available

gcc-ss-20000626 is now available

GCC/g77-3.0-to-be compiles our NWP correctly - for the first time

gcc2 archives (was re: config.guess and Linux/GNU)

getline compatibility

Getting a package into infrastructure

Global Constructors and Shared Libraries

GNU C++ compiler for HP3000

GNU rope


Has anyone compiled Linux 2.2.1x with gcc 2.96?

Help with install-info

Help with messages, linking errors


How funny, building 2.95.2 with egcs 1.1.2 fails but not with itself

How to make gcc print messages during compilation.

HP-UX 11/g++/ld bus error

I could not donwload

I would like to contribute

i386, m88k, and rs6000 (possibly others) dbra confusion

i386.md fix

An ia32 asm bug?

Re: IA64 EH

In m68k, FUNCTION_VALUE macro don't work???

Installation problem on GCC

Installing G77

Re: Intent to remove old VMS wart

Is egcs1.1.2-12 and egcs1.1.2-24 binary compatible ?

Is that a gcc bug?

Re: Is there a (somewhat) portable way to get the return address of a function?

Is there a (somewhat) portable way to get the return address of a function?

ISO C++ and C99 features

Java compiler no longer works since 2000-06-13

Java name-mangling

Java vs. C++ name-mangling

K&R prototype in arm/linux-elf.h

Large number of gas warnings compiling linux kernel....

Large performance regressions from 2.95.2/3 to HEAD

A latent bug in cp-demangle?

latest CVS and HP-UX 11.00

Less draconian decision in gcse.c?

libf2c compatibility???

libstdc++ v3 and -Werror

libstdc++-v3: Warnings are errors, so ...

libstdc++.a and libgcc.a conflict.

Linker (SGI linker version 7.10) problems with gcc2.95.2 and Irix6.2

linking of inline static methods

Linking/Building with gcc2.95 on Solaris 7

Linux ELF g++ weak symbol for destructor

long long, C++ testsuite and -ansi -pedantic-errors

Lost libstdc++ patch

Machine Description '.md'

Mailing lists search engine not working correctly?

Maintainers list

Re: Making platform specific help translatable.

Re: malloc(0) during exception throw & catch

Mangling chaos


modification to inline asm

Re: modification to inline asm + 128 bit cop2 register support

MS Style #pragma pack(push,...)

namespace illogic or bug?

native cc re-used after 3-stage now

Need advice on NDA

Need help!

Need your help, please!

New C++ ABI and -freg-struct-return?

Re: Next round aclocal.m4 patches commited

nls patches - need help with make machinery

NLS updates and a note to Maintainers

No June mailing list archive?

Off until June 15

Official start of GCC translations

FW: RE: Old patch to make bootstrap restartable

Re: OSR 5 bootstrap *still* fails :-(

OSR 5 bootstrap fails

Out of town.

Overloading the I/O-operators << and >>

Re: Patch reviewal

Patch reviewal (was: malloc(0) during exception throw & catch)

PATCH: extensions.html update for bounds checking patches

PATCH: install/build.html (was: if-conversion a performance bottleneck)

Port to Stratus FTX on PA-RISC 1.1

Problem to compile GCC 2.95.2 on Digital Unix

Re: problem with installing binutils

Proposal: Make "int format, different type arg" an error, not a warning

Re: Proposal: Make "int format, different type arg" an error, nota warning

Query about GPL-license

Question about -finstrument-functions

Question on -fbounds-check

Recent libstdc++-v3 cmath.cc doesn't compile on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

REG_NONNEG confusion

Register renaming works - but sched2 doesn't profit from it ?!?!

reporting bugs

Request to drop daft GNU extension

RFC Additional flags in g77 testsuite

Re: RFC: No recursion into language subdirectories

Selective warnings

short function returns int sized values

Re: signed vs unsigned comparison warnings

Snapshot 2000-06-27 failed to build for m68k-coff

sparc sun solaris 2.5.1 doesn't bootstrap

SSA dump

SSA implementation

SSA pass

SSE Support for ia32?

successful compile and instal of gcc

Tar with CVS now available

Testing patches for 'foreign' targets

Re: Testsuite policy - do we care if obscure options work?

Testsuite policy - test case now passes but bug remains


TF type (quad float) not implemented?

A thank you to Messrs Madina Sidwell and Handy :-)

Too many if statements crash cc1

Re: trying to glue Modula-3 onto egcs table based exception handl ing support

Trying to learn C on the gcc compiler

undefined reference to `__throw' in gcc-2.7.2/libg++-2.7.2

Undefined references to 'memcpy' when compiling Linux Kernel

unexpected insn sign extension

Unofficial Patch file for 1 May to 30 May 2000 now available

Unresolved Symbol: Library for fpsetround in ieeefp.h

Re: Update to c9xstatus.html

updating config.sub/config.guess

Userspace threads and C++ exceptions

variable renaming

Re: VAX Ultrix and broken getgroups(3)

Re: VAX Ultrix bootstrap failure with gcc-2.96

virtual templated functions?

warning: trigraph ... ignored

warning: trigraph ... ignored - again

Was: failurenotice!]]

Where do I post questions?

Why is the -undef option removed from cpp.

Windows question!

Fwd: Re: Would it be possible to give the FSF the copyright of m3.c (the m3cc backend)?

your imaging supplies

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