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Re: nls patches - need help with make machinery

In article <m3itvqfkyj.fsf@localhost.localdomain> Mr. Drepper writes:
>Philipp Thomas <> writes:

>> > I'd like to point out that this code is not really ours, nor is
>> > Philipp the author. Instead, it is part of gettext, which is a GNU
>> > package that is currently unmaintained (at least it appears to me that
>> > way).

>It's not unmaintained.

Well, I asked Mr. Drepper privately whether he intended to actually 
maintain, like make a new release that would fix that pesky 
that doesn't quite work (builds files in src/ not build/ dir, doesn't heed
DESTDIR), especially judging that the last release was two years back.

Paraphrasing the answer (as I won't quote without permission), he
told me to mind my own business, that he wouldn't let someone tell him
what to do.

I then asked him how he would feel if I took that to a public forum.
He just told me that I would end up in his kill-file.

So, well, I'm probably in his kill-file now.

And I guess that gettext is `maintained', provided you choose the right
definition of `maintained'.

I must say that I did NOT expect such openly hostile behavior. I have
always seen the FSF crowd as a set of open people, even to BSD people
such as myself.

Mr. Drepper may now force me to revise my impression, which is a shame

(Follow-up to /dev/null, this only posted to the gcc mailing-list because
gettext is used as part of gcc, and this little snippet is in violent 
contradiction to what the gcc `charter' says)

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