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Re: ssh often hangs where pserver succeeds

In article <>,
	Marc Espie <> writes:
> Absolutely NO import for gcc, but sorry, I can't let this pass.
> In article <8etb60$sq7$2@post.home.lunix> you write:
>>I never contributed my patch to ssh since I stopped helping them after they
>>unfreed their copyright (thereby stealing the code of mine already in it).
> They did NOT steal your code. The latest free release of ssh was still free,
> and available.

True but I suspect only because they can't retroactively change a
copyright. But they kept my code in their commercial version. That's
what I consider the stealing.

> In fact, openssh is originally based on that latest free release, so your 
> code is probably still out there (I haven't checked, maybe it was rewritten
> out of existence six months ago).
> On the other hand, bummer, your new patches have little chance of being
> integrated into openssh (hint: BSD copyright).

Hereby I free that little script to the public domain without ANY
A baby seal walks into a club...

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